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WEF is looking for talented and dedicated volunteers like you!

At this time we are looking for talented youth and young professions to join our team as Ambassadors:

Ambassadors should be approachable, compassionate, reliable, organized and responsible. Written and verbal communication skills a must. Depending on the interest the Ambassadors can choose one or more than one of the following responsibilities

USA University Scholarship Ambassador

  1. Assist in promoting the University Scholar Program in the community
  2. Work with WEF worldwide program coordinator to develop an assessment and selection process for qualifying the students for scholarships
  3. Work with WEF to develop remediation program if needed so students can become prepared and eligible for scholarship
  4. Provide oversight, coordination, and reporting of the program on agreed upon basis

 Media Relations Ambassador

  1. Assist in writing articles for our website and newsletter documenting WEF work and success stories
  2. Create press releases as needed
  3. Use Social Media to promote WEF awareness

 Ambassadors for Vocational Trainings: (Emeralde/IIHM)

  1. Assist in identifying applicants (need based) for the new batch for the scholarships
  2. Ensure the smooth induction of scholars in the training programs
  3. Once the training starts the Ambassador will oversee the performance of the scholars
  4. Bi-Monthly activity reports (update on the project, pictures and success stories)
  5. Upon the completion of the program assist in finding potential employers for the scholars

Ambassador for Technology Enrichment Programs

  1. Assist the beneficiaries in useful use of the technology provided
  2. From the respective IPN chapter connecting the professionals and conducting workshops on computer literacy (Excel, power point, word press etc)
  3. Bi-Monthly reports (update on the project, pictures and success stories)

Public/Press Relation Manager

  1. Take photographs of WEF beneficiaries in their educational setting
  2. Send photographs on bi-monthly basis for Newsletters

Below, please find the link to our volunteer application. We look forward to reading your application and working with you!

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