Financial Support

Only by building a worldwide network of financial supporters will WEF be able to continue and expand its mission and activities. You can help today. Become a donor and support WEF. Help the world’s marginalized children escape the cycle of generational poverty by giving them access to enhanced educational opportunities.

By clicking the donate button on the home page or header, you will be redirected to the WEF Circle of Giving Donation page. Complete the brief donation form. Donations may be made by cash or major credit card. At this time, WEF can only accept financial donations in US dollars. All donors will receive a letter confirming the details of their contribution from The Dallas Foundation.

100% of all dollars raised through your contributions goes towards implementation, operation, and maintenance of WEF’s projects and programs. All administrative expenses are paid by the Connie and Kamal Daya Gift Fund of The Dallas Foundation, and by our many generous, engaged volunteers.

The Worldwide Education Fund (WEF) is a Field-of-Interest Fund at The Dallas Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity. All donations made to WEF through The Dallas Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. We recommend that you always consult your financial adviser for specific tax advice regarding your charitable giving. Thank you!

Please note that WEF is not affiliated with nor has it been organized to benefit any specific entity, institution or organization. WEF does not exist to benefit any program, institution or organization strictly because of that institution’s or organization’s religious, caste, gender, or cultural mission, structure and accountability. Potential donors who wish to designate or benefit a particular and/or specific institution, organization, program or project, are encouraged to directly contact that entity and make such gifts directly to the entity.