Preeti of Project Mala

Preeti, age 15, is the daughter of a carpet weaver and a housewife, both of whom are illiterate. Her family consists of herself, her parents, and her 4 siblings. All of her siblings are students of local secondary schools except herself and her youngest brother; they both study in Project Mala Schools with WEF scholarships. Specifically, Preeti studies at the Patehra school and she has an unbreakable desire to become successful with a truckload of knowledge under her belt. This family identifies with the Hindu religion and they reside on unirrigated land with only 2 mudrooms, no electricity, and a hand pump for water access. Although Preeti’s life may seem harsh on the outside, the passion she has for learning overpowers it all.

When asked why she attends school, she simply states that school is a necessity nowadays since that’s the only way to become successful. Preeti has the mindset to improve her family’s standard of living but unlike others, she also has the mindset to help the economy grow. This bright individual truly believes that education is the only means of helping the economy stabilize then flourish. Preeti is one of the many students who live too far to commute to the Patehra school and so she lives in the free dormitory Project Mala provides for students in similar situations. She finds it so refreshing that this project has such a big heart, as to provide everything from meals to school supplies to free health care, that she barely needs financial support from her father. To Preeti, not only has this project provided a glorious education but it has also provided the rare chance to be in charge of her life. She states that girls her age are often forced to get married because their families cannot financially support them but in her lucky case, she gets to be married to her education! Preeti has immense gratitude for all measures taken by Project Mala and with the scholarships WEF has granted her with because it positively impacts herself while also helping her father by allowing him to use his income to support the rest of the family.