Fazila from Tajikistan is in the US on WEF-HU MBA Scholarship

I am Fazila Zavqibekova, originally from Khorog, Tajikistan. I graduated from Khorog State University, Philology department studying Persian Language and Literature. After graduating from the University, I have worked at a secondary school in my hometown as a History teacher. Knowing the importance of the English language in modern society, I have studied English courses at the newly established University of Central Asia (UCA).  After completing the course, I applied to Khorog English Preparatory Program which was a 9-month preparation program for Institute of Ismaili Studies in London, UK. This course was undoubtedly the best one in my post-graduation experience in Tajikistan. Thanks to this program I have improved my critical and analytical thinking as well as my Academic English.  After graduating from this program my worldview completely changed. It was at this point that I have realized education and learning is a lifelong journey. The lifelong learning became my life’s slogan because I realized that it is very difficult to survive in this rapidly changing world without constantly updating your knowledge. The more we study the more we are equipped to deal with the challenges of life.

After finishing the post-graduate program at UCA, I did volunteering work with Regional Council of GBAO (Ask her what this stands for and write it out) where I heard about the Worldwide Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation and Herzing University. One of my colleagues, Farid Zamirov presented this program to all volunteers and I realized that this program is a great chance for me to fulfill my academic ambitions and to improve my life quality and those of my society.   After receiving the email from Farid Zamirov, I applied for this program.  The process was very challenging because there were many candidates and most of them were fresh graduates from prestigious Universities, so I did not expect that I might be accepted to this program. The application process was long and difficult for me. Receiving this scholarship boosted my self-confidence and I realized that  it was a foundation for getting me closer to my career goals.  Another problem that I have faced was regarding my international passport, for many reasons I could not obtain it in my hometown in Khorog so I moved to Dushanbe in order to receive one. When  I left my home in June 2017, I thought that I would come back after one or two weeks but I received my international passport too late and therefore could not go back home anymore.  Another big challenge for me was sending my original transcripts to Herzing University because DHL offices were closed in Tajikistan and I could not send my documents. I sent all my documents to Russian Federation and from Russia, it was sent to Herzing University.

After facing many difficulties during the application process, receiving the Congratulations letter from Herzing University and WEF program was the happiest and unforgettable moment in my life. Receiving this letter boosted my self-confidence and I realized that it was a foundation for getting me closer to my career goals. It was not a simple letter but a huge hope for better future, emancipation from ignorance, escaping from poverty.  This was not a simple letter but rather the hope for me and all members of my family

WEF scholarship was established to provide graduate students with the opportunity to compete for scholarship funds on a need and merit basis. However, it does not cover the transportation cost and there is not any stipend. So for me as a teacher, it was quite difficult to find money for my trip from Tajikistan to the US and that’s why I arrived a week later in the US. With the support of my family especially my father I was able to move to the United State of America. I will be directing all my effort for the MBA program to succeed so that I can support my family and my community.

All in all, although I faced many challenges currently I am sure that applying to this program was the right decision.

The map below illustrates my trip from Tajikistan to Atlanta, USA.