For two months now, I am living a family way of life. I have had to adjust to the unique academic, social and cultural challenges of living and studying in Atlanta. The processes of adaptation for me have been taken a long time. Nearly every day I am facing cultural shock and I assume that it will affect me positively. At list now I feel that I am becoming more open – minded.

For me, studying at Herzing University, living abroad for 3 months is comparable to taking a “quantum leap” from normality. In taking that leap, I have learned more not just about the U.S., but about myself. This means by observing and living with other fellow students, I have learned more about who I am. For example, I never pay attention to simplest things in my culture but here observing “others” I realized that how things are different from those back my home country.

I guess I had some misconceptions before coming here. I’ve found that just living and finding a reality has been a really good experience. It has taught me to be a bit more open-minded, in that there are actually a lot of really positive things about the U.S. which I would not have considered before. This means I have gained the more positive image of America. I realized that America is not the country of crime and social breakdown but rather cosmopolitan and country of freedom and real democracy.

Reflecting upon my first few months in Herzing University, I recognize that I felt very unsure of myself and conflicted over the way I felt I was perceived, and how I would be able to study well. The main reason for my anxiety was that fact that my education background was completely different from  MBA. I was the specialist in Persian language and literature and doing a Master degree in Business was an immense challenge for me. But all doubts disappeared when I did my first post-test. Receiving A grade was one of the happiest moment of my life in America.  I realized that everything is possible.

I am really thankful to World  Wide Foundation and all its staff for giving me great opportunity to fulfill my academic ambitions. Especially, Firuza for her great moral and material support.