And just like that, within a blink of eye, three months passed. It was fun, it was different and It was definitely worth it. You’re out of your normal life. Here, I go to class, hang out and do fun stuff. You can put off all those ‘important’ things in life. Living abroad for three months is comparable to taking a “quantum leap” from normality. In taking that leap, I have learned more not just about the U.S., but about myself. This has been the best thing I have done with my life. I really looked at last three months as being about finding myself. For me I needed to get away to be able to do that properly. And now, I have more conviction to go out and do what I think I always wanted to do. I think I now have a greater faith in myself, and I have discovered better what it is I can do as an individual. I have gained a lot of self-confidence.

Academically, I like the environment of Herzing University because there is smaller student strength and teachers know all the students very well. In this way, they are giving more personalized teachings in their particular courses. I have passed first term with GPA 4.00. I have started learning about how to write academically.

I interacted with the people of diverse culture who came here to study from China, Venezuela, India, Thailand, Canada, Kenya etc. I have also given the cultural Presentation to the International students and told them what culture I belong to and How I feel to be in an American culture.

Meeting the Ismaili Community of USA was one of my best experiences and learnings. They are so much devoted and committed to serving others. I found them very humble and generous. Whoever I met, they welcome me with open arms and do the best they can do to make my stay in America more comfortable. I have learned so much from the local jamaat in Atlanta.

I have also traveled to several beautiful places in Atlanta. I visited Georgia Aquarium which was said to be the second largest aquarium of the world. I see a lot of sea creatures and marine animals. Dolphin Show was the best part of my experience at the Aquarium. Along with my WEF fellows, I have visited Six Flags, Amusement Park, where I have ridden on several thrilling roller coasters.

I have celebrated the thanksgiving with the local families of Atlanta. I enjoyed eating turkey and mash potatoes. After the dinner we went out for shopping As the Black Friday Sale always attracts me to buy the stuff for the whole year. I liked the weather of Atlanta as It is not hot. Although it is unpredictable but Cold winds and light rain made a lighter mood. I play tennis and sometimes I play volleyball with friends. I also go to clubs on Saturday nights to experience the American way of entertainment and youth gatherings.

Socially I have integrated with the local community through different Platforms. I have been the Part of Ismaili Volunteers and The Diamond Jubilee Registration Team. Where I Interact with the Local community and I get the chance to serve them. I work as a Teacher assistant at “Quality of Life “program at Decatur where People are taught Basic and Advance MS Office and also, they are taught about Information Technology. Apart from that, I have been the part of Ismaili Professional network where professionals from diverse academic and professional backgrounds come together and interact with each out. they do mentorship for the young professionals along with discussing their business ideas. At school, I have been among the few founders of the first ever Business Club at Herzing University.  Through this platform, I interacted with a lot of undergraduate and graduate students of my university.

I am enjoying my stay here and have already started working on my goals.