Brookwood Foundation

Brookwood Foundation, based out of Kenosha, WI, is under the care of Charles and Kathryn Heide. Both Mr. and Mrs. Heide and Brookwood Foundation have been avid supporters of Worldwide Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation and the children it assists.

Connie & Kamal Daya Gift Fund of The Dallas Foundation

The personal charitable gift fund of IEF co-founders Connie and Kamal Daya.


EduGirls, Inc.

EduGirls, Inc. is on a mission to help girls break the glass ceiling of entrenched poverty. For more information on EduGirls, Inc., please visit

Emerald International Institute of Hair and Beauty

emeraldeFor 40 years, Emeralde Institute has been training girls in the art of beauty, hairdressing, and aromatherapy. For more information on Emeralde Institute, please visit

FEEB Unlimited


The Mission of FEEB Unlimited is to prevent dropouts of girls and boys from the educational stream and to make it possible for them, with every possible assistance that can be extended, to receive quality tertiary education at the best colleges in India and abroad so as to prepare them to become leaders of tomorrow.

Foundation to Support Education Worldwide (FSEW)

FSEW works to support educational activities and infrastructure in underdeveloped parts of the world. For more information on FSEW, please visit

Helping Hands Ladies Group

HELPING HANDS LADIES GROUP OF DALLASThe Helping Hands Ladies Group hold a variety of fund raising events for non-profit organizations whose mission statements they strongly believe in. This group of wonderful ladies have held several events raising money for Worldwide Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation, and have even travelled to India with the organization to offer support.

Herzing University/Herzing Educational Foundation

herzing university

Founded in 1965 by Henry and Suzanne Herzing, this community of faculty and staff have continued to be supporters of WEF, including the initiating of new scholarship programs to assist with the new Fast Forward India initiative.

MDRT Foundation

MDRT foundation

MDRT Foundation, an organization for financial professionals to contribute to worthy charitable causes worldwide, has bestowed many grants to the Worldwide Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation, including a Quality of Life Award to WEF founder Kamal Daya.

Meehan Family Foundation

Based out of Milwaukee, WI, is under the care of Dan and Eileen Meehan. They have partnered with WEF in its engagement with Rajkot Diocese institutions.

Project Mala

project-malaFounded in 1989, Project Mala to combat child labor in the hand knotted carpet industry of India. For more information on Project Mala, please visit

The Dallas Foundation

the dallas foundation


The Dallas Foundation is the oldest community foundation in the state of Texas, and acts as a keystone – linking donors and the community issues they care about. As the umbrella organization for WEF, the Dallas Foundation is an integral part of WEF’s success.

The Shams Group/Shams Family Foundation

The Shams Group


The Shams Family Foundation of the Dallas Foundation focus on philanthropy to improve lives across a cross section of the societal needs around the world with emphasis on health, education and poverty elevation.


The Yasmin Meghji Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation

The Yasmin Meghji Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation upholds a legacy of supporting educational programs. This fund has partnered significantly with WEF recently in its work in Dhandhuka and Virar.