Israr’s Day Well Spent

When Wednesday the 6th started, I thought it would be just like any other day with nothing special about it. Just as the day ended, I realized how productive it turned out to be. I attended the Atlanta’s 18th Annual Diversity Career Fair. I availed this opportunity to meet professionals whose career interests were in line with me and discussed my career aspirations and goals. There were organizations who wanted individuals and professionals for immediate hiring, and specified programs. While there were some companies and universities too were there to create awareness about the various training and skill-building programs which they offered. This gave me the opportunity for networking; which is something considered magic for professional growth by most Americans. I did see some the magic part of networking as I started getting more relevant insights about the job market in the USA after interacting with professionals with various backgrounds and expertise.

The power of networking seemed to get stronger as I reached University to join a session with campus leaders including the President, HOD, student and career counselors, and professors. This turned out to be very interactive and useful where I discussed my career plans with professors had the relevant background. The brief time was spent well with the promise of further meeting and discussion on the career part by my professors and me. Adding more to the usefulness of the day, I got connected with my university alumni, too. It was a nice informal talk where I obtained detailed information about the whole processing of getting employed in the USA by someone who was standing in my shoes a few months back!