Technology Enrichment Program

Name of Project:

Technology Enrichment Program


Life Foundation for Higher Education (Virar, Mumbai)



Description and Impact:

The Life Foundation runs a hostel for boys from the economically weaker section of society after the secondary school level (10th grade in USA) to provide them shelter, food, advice, counseling, and financial support for furthering their education at college and university levels. The age of the students they support range from 16-22 years.

After extensive thought and analysis, WEF saw the opportunity to enrich the Life Foundation Hostel by equipping it with a technology room to allow students to train and utilize technology to advance their education. In partnership with Life Foundation and the Yasmin Meghji Education Fund of The Dallas Foundation, WEF planned and built a 10-station multi-sensory e-Learning Center at the institution to benefit the students. Eight desktop computers were installed. A laptop, projector, screen, and Wi-Fi were also installed, allowing the students to perfect their presentation and communication abilities. WEF also supplied tablet computers to 52 students. Each tablet will be utilized by the students in the pursuit of their higher education: researching career opportunities, improving English proficiencies, studying for coursework, and expanding their global reach.

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