Project Fast Forward

Name of Project:

Project Fast Forward


Life Foundation for Higher Education (Virar, Mumbai)



Description and Impact:

Building on the success of the Technology Enrichment Program, WEF conceptualized Project Fast Forward with the objective of establishing and accelerating the career pathways of incoming 11th and 12th standard students at Life Foundation by focusing on improving English Literacy and Proficiency as well as Technology Adeptness.

In February 2015, twenty-five 11th and 12th standard students completed a six-month English Literacy and Proficiency program led by Anuj Parikh. The students completed nearly 100 modules of the Yuva English Curriculum developed by the elite Centre for Learning Resources India. Through this program, the students focused on strengthening key written and spoken English language skills as well as business etiquette skills needed to excel in future vocational and technical careers. The program was an immense success and a second round of training was started in Fall 2015.

With the entire world accessible in this digital era, the students also successfully completed a five-month technology adeptness program led by Technology professional, Zulfikar Chammadwala. Using the technology installed by WEF, the students successfully completed a set of diverse modules including training on Microsoft Office, navigating and exploring the web, and using social media tools for career growth. A second round of this basic training also commenced in Fall of 2015 for incoming students as well as an intermediate and advanced training for higher skilled students.

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