Project Elevate

Name of Project:

Project Elevate


Life Foundation for Higher Education (Virar, Mumbai)



Description and Impact:

Project Elevate builds on the foundation lay down by the last project at Life Foundation, Project Fast Forward, and aims to continue to upgrade the learning experience of the LF students to better prepare them for the future.

In particular, Project Elevates focuses on the importance and necessity of a full-time English Language Skills Training program with special training workbooks for students and teachers. Through this program, 40 incoming 11th and 12th standard skills will strengthen their written, speaking, and comprehension skills.

In addition, Project Elevates provides for a second round of basic technology skills training as well as the addition of intermediate technology skills training for advanced students.

Project Elevate will also distribute tablets and computers via an incentivized model. By obtaining high marks in courses, exams, and the successful completion of the English language and technology skills training, students will have the opportunity to earn a new tablet to advance their educational goals.