WEF-Vocational Training Scholars (IIHM)

Name of Project:

WEF-VT Scholars Program at IIHM


Indian Institute of Hospitality Management in Vasai, Mumbai.



Description and Impact:

The WEF-VT Scholars Program at IIHM is an initiative of the WEF Student Ambassador Association (ISAA).

Given the growing demand of bright candidates with vocational and technical skills training, the WEF-VT Scholars Program at IIHM provides successful recipients with a full scholarship to study at the Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management and complete a professional diploma course in one of the following areas: Hotel Operations, Hotel Management and Catering, Food and Beverage Production, Front Office Management, or Travel Agency Management. After the completion of the course, qualified students will receive assistance with placement in top Indian and foreign hotel chains.

We are very excited by the prospects of this program as within six to twelve months, we anticipate this program to have a life-changing impact on the students. This program enables young students to begin earning for themselves and their families, and also equips them with skill set of hospitality management that they can continue to grow in their lifetime. With a small financial investment, we are able to provide a young student the tools, mentorship, and opportunities necessary to escape generational poverty.

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