Emerging Technologies Hub: Train the Trainer Program

Name of Project:
Emerging Technology Hub: Train the Trainer Program

Dushanbe and Khorogh, Tajikistan


January 2019 – January 2020

Description and Impact:

WEF desires to develop new job markets in Tajikistan. One of the most up and coming area of job recruitment globally is emerging Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence programming.

The project developed by board members will provide scholarships to 6 candidates with the right pre-requisite skills to take online certification courses and once certified they would teach the courses in Tajikistan through University of Central Asia (UCA) continuing education school. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is in progress which the UCA and selected candidates will sign before proceeding. The objective is to start with Cybersecurity training in 2019 and if successful initiate the other areas of certification in 2020.

As more certified candidates complete the program, WEF will work with them and other entrepreneurs to develop a services consulting offering which will cater to both domestic as well as EU markets. Once the Cybersecurity training is underway, WEF will look towards similar online certifications for Data Analytics and AI and duplicate the train-the-trainer scholarships in future years.

WEF aims to generate new job market in Tajikistan that is currently under-filled and growing fast. Long-term could develop into an outsourcing services market to EU from Tajikistan for highly desired IT skills which are in high demand which will attract investments and generate high skilled labor. WEF is accepting donations for this project. 100% of all dollars raised through your contributions go towards implementation, operation, and maintenance of WEF’s projects and programs. All administrative expenses are paid by The Connie and Kamal Daya Gift Fund of The Dallas Foundation, and by our many generous, engaged volunteers.