Hunza & Baltistan Secondary Scholarships

Name of Project:
Hunza & Baltistan Secondary Scholarships

Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan


June 2017 to July 2018

Description and Impact:

WEF is collaborating with Iqra Fund to provide secondary and higher secondary school scholarship and professional development sessions to the 56 girls of the vulnerable communities of Hunza and Baltistan regions. These young girls come from families with no or limited income options and most rely on subsistent farming.
These target areas are one of the remotest in the world, difficult terrain, extreme weather conditions, poor or no road links, lack of school structures, overwhelming poverty topped up with no substantial support from Government leaves children of the area with no option but to be denied of their most basic right to education. Education in general and especially for girls is considered a luxury. Many of these villages have no schools at all, and for those where there are schools, they are only until primary or middle. Children especially girls who want to continue their school education are left with no chance, but to discontinue their education or move to bigger towns. The school education away from home/village comes with multiple challenges and inputs. Going to cities for secondary and higher secondary is expensive as it constitutes tuition fee, boarding/lodging, transport and other expenses.

The initiative will start with the selection which includes filling a form for eligibility criteria that is based on their previous school results and on the basis of merit few of the students are shortlisted based on their economic need who then go through an induction and other sessions. These sessions are open to all young girls so that they will take advantage and learn.

Each Scholarship includes:
o Tuition: the complete fee scholarship or partial fee scholarship depending on the merit and the economic condition of the family.
o Boarding/Lodging for all the 56 girls
o Sessions on professional development for the scholarship students on life skills/career counseling/entrepreneurship