WEF-Herzing University(HU)-MBA Scholarship Program for 2019-2021:

The WEF-Herzing University MBA Scholarship Program is a 16-month program offered through the Worldwide Education Fund of the Dallas Foundation (WEF) in collaboration with Herzing University (HU), Atlanta, Georgia USA. The objective of this partnership is to provide greater access to higher education for deserving students in South and Central Asia. Up to twenty (20) scholarships may be awarded to eligible candidates for the period 2019-2021.

The MBA program consists of four, 16-week semesters. Students may complete their MBA studies entirely online from their home country, or through a combination of online and on-campus study at HU in Atlanta. Each student can choose the option that best fits his/her personal circumstances, financial resources, and study preferences.

This WEF-HU MBA Scholarship provides 75% tuition and fees (USD $21,470) for the entire 16-month MBA program. The remaining 25% tuition and fees (USD $7,154) are the student’s responsibility. However, Scholarship Recipients may receive up to an additional $2,500 award credit from WEF to help defray the student’s portion of tuition and fees. Students who choose to complete a portion of their study on-campus may receive up to an additional $2,500 stipend to apply to house and other cost-of-living expenses while in the USA. All other costs are the student’s responsibility. Students are encouraged to apply for other scholarships or arrange for third-party funding to supplement their portion of the costs or demonstrate their ability to pay before being accepted into the program.

The on-campus study will depend on the student successfully obtaining a student F-1 visa for the USA. WEF and HU will provide all necessary documents to assist with the visa application process but cannot guarantee that any F-1 visa application will be approved. Each student is ultimately responsible for obtaining his/her student F-1 visa.

Regardless of whether a student obtains a student visa to come to the USA, they will be able to complete the degree online. Please note that even though part or all of your study is completed online, you will receive a standard MBA degree with no mention of online on the degree.

WEF-HU BA Scholars Cohort 2019-2021:

After many months of hard work, a merit-based selection process, and a thorough interview process, we are excited to announce the launch of the WEF & Herzing University-Atlanta Campus MBA Scholarship Program. Twenty students have been selected from Pakistan, India, and Tajikistan. 7 of the selected students are from India, 7 from Pakistan and 6 Students from Tajikistan. Seven of the students have completed their application process and are ready to start their semester in January 2019. Our team is working with HU on remaining students for admission and start dates.

These students represent marginalized communities in India, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. They are committed to bringing back their experiences and learning to their communities for a larger social change. It is our expectation that these 20 students will become the transformative spark and pillars of economic and social uplift for their families and their communities of origin.