WEF Beginnings

The WEF started in 2009, with a generous donation from the Connie & Kamal Daya Gift Fund of The Dallas Foundation. For many years, Connie and Kamal Daya provided modest financial support to various orphanages, hostels, and schools. A trip to Asia in 2004 brought them face-to-face with the urgent needs of many institutions and they pledged to get engaged and ‘do more’. The Connie and Kamal Daya Gift Fund of The Dallas Foundation invited others who share their vision to participate in the initiatives designed to provide underserved children and youth with the knowledge, training, and skills that will allow them to effectively compete as they seek higher education opportunities and work that allows them to escape generational poverty. During the last many years the organization has been helping the poorest of the poor and over 2000 children and youth have benefited from different projects of WEF.