Building English Language Skills

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Building English Language Skills…

Why are English language skills so important? It is commonly accepted that English is indisputably the lingua franca of the globe. It is the language of higher education. It is the common language of many fields of study and professions, including Medicine, Engineering, Law, Banking, and Computer Sciences. It is the standard language of business, commerce, and trade throughout the world, including India.

The ability to read, write, comprehend and speak English well is an indispensable asset to a child’s academic success and progress, especially beyond the primary grade levels. Students with weak or no English language skills will often find themselves at a disadvantage, unable to effectively use on-line research tools (many websites and e-libraries are English-only) or refer to printed resource texts, journals and literature that are available only in English.

The ability to read, write, comprehend and speak English well is also a tremendous asset in the work place. Knowledge of English opens doors to many more job opportunities, especially opportunities with multi-national companies and institutions.

For these reasons, WEF is committed to building and strengthening the English Language skills of students at our beneficiary institutions and schools. We believe that English is learned most efficiently through a combination of language labs (for students and teachers), accessible libraries stocked with digital and print materials, and comfortable, quiet reading spaces. WEF’s English Language module encompasses all three elements.

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